Christmas Presents

Sponsored // Are you slowly getting into the christmas mood? I sure am!!! Especially since I recieved my first christmas present from Woodsup. I just cant wait to start decorating ?. So I took a few pics….

Below is a cool Advent Calender rack, also suitable for a kidsroom, stars, zzzzzzZ, a Christmas key for Santa, Le Chef, and an unique Angel ?

Personally I am crazy about the custommade angel, with my sons name written on it ? it makes it special ❤️ Perfect for the christmas decor or the door of his room.

You can get yours custommade, with your loved ones name on it, for only 75 kr. Right here.

And if you want it plain, you can get it for 59 kr here.

I can’t wait to show you more pics later on. So for now I will keep having Jingle Bells on my mind.


Kisses & Hugs


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