Testing Pearl Wax

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Well lots of you asked me on Instagram, how my experience with Pearl Wax is. If you want to know my honest opinion, then continue reading ?

A long time ago, I tried strips waxing and found it painful! Therefore I gave up on waxing and went back to shaving. A few years ago I turned to epilation ? I loved the effectiveness! But it is still very painful ? Therefore I wanted to give waxing another go.

I ordered Pearl Wax late one night. Within 24 hours it arrived on my doorknop ? Very quick delivery ? I recieved a wax heater, wax pellets and spatulas along with a “how to guide”.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Your hair needs to be around 3-5 mm long.
  • Heat the wax pellets into a working temperature (not too hot)
  • Apply the wax with a spatula (with the direction of hair)
  • After a short cooling period, hold the skin taut, remove the wax with a firm action against the hair direction of growth.

So here is to the Truth!!!

I applied the wax correctly and wanted to take lots of pictures for Instagram ? Totally lost track of time ? So, once I got to ripping the wax of, it was getting loose. So I had to reado it ? Therefore, the second time I didn’t take pictures ? and that helped! So remember: Only let it cool for a short period!!!! Don’t take more than five pics or so ?

The best part of it all is, that it didn’t hurt!!! So here is to a thumbs up for Pearl Wax ? See how I ripped off the wax and how much hair it took below?

Kisses & Hugs



Can you see the hairs on the wax ?

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