Best Scented Candle Ever

#sponsored|I have recently found the best scented candle, which with it’s aroma can make any room well scented ? Therefore I have got to share this with you! It’s the ecofriendly scented candles from LykkeWE ? They give a great fresh scent to any room ??

I have chosen to test their Lotus Flower and Lemon scented candle. As soon as I opened the box I could smell the fresh scent of flowers and lemon ? Honestly I was surprised that an ecological scented candle has such a strong scent. I have earlier had other regular scented candles, that only release their scent when lit. But when I take the lid of this candle, the lovely scent spreads throughout the room ?

Here is a pic of the candle in the evening. The brass colour painted on the inside of the jar spreads a nice warm light. Great for these cold and long winter nights?

And below the colour in daylight ? I love the brass to the soft grey?

Unfortunately I had diarrhea yesterday. But luckily the candle took that smell imidiately. I even asked my hubby to go in the bathroom to check. All you could smell was the fresh floral aroma??? and when I blew out the candle, it continued to smell of flowers instead of the usual burned smell you get from blowing out a candle ?️

Here is the reason to the great scent! The candle wax is made out of organic and sustainable sourced Beewax, Coconut, Palm and Carnauba Wax. And the soft, scent of the candle is added with essential oils ? creating a mild and comfortable scent. It’s a mix of italian lemon and bergamot along with the soft lotusflower and aromatic hortensia.

And you can buy this candle with a great conscience? The leather and wax is produced locally in Denmark. The candle is made of 100% certified organic wax and is certified by the Soil Association. This means:

-ingredients have never been tested on animals

-the wax is sustainably sourced

-the wax consists no genetically modified ingredients

-only use of natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers

-creation of waste during the manufacturing process is minimised.

All jars are unique, since the jars are handmade, with a mixture of concrete and sandstone ❤️ So once the candle is burned down I will reuse it either for a new light or a plant.

For now you can order the candles through their webpage to Denmark and Sweden. But they send worldwide if you send them an email ?

Check out their other scent and the different sizes here. And for more pictures from their universe and inspiration, visit their instagram.

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