Friday Crush

This friday, meet the beautiful interior account Byrimgaard.

Her lovely home is stunning, and that coloured wall is TDF ?

Later on I will share some key itemns of hers with you to get her lovely style.

Look at this comfy corner with the chunky knit, the beautiful wall planthanger and light interior ??

This is my favourite place of her home ? the beautiful colored wall along with the cobber lamps, white chairs and the hint of wooden elements and plants ?

This living room is so cosy ? beautiful light grey and nude tones spiced up with a little colour, chunky knits and beautiful ocean posters ?

The huge rounded mirrow is very trendy ATM ❤️ and the lovely cupboards are cute with the black accents, adding depth and dimension to the wall ?

According to herself, she has no styling tips or experience within interior design ? but look how well she does ?

She says: “I have styled my home with furniture that are beautiful and functional. I love that we don’t have “heavy” furniture. Also, I believe, that when they are put on the wall, that it gives the room a bigger feeling. Our wall was made, when everything else at home was white and bright. So I thought, that the dark wall would be cool together with our cobber lamps.”

Get her amazing style, by painting a wall in a gorgeous dark colour with Kabe Copenhagen

Add Vertiplant’s Planthanger and a hanging plant ?

Get a beautiful cupboard from byLassen. ?

And this gorgeous strap mirrow from Hay ❤️

Let me know, what you think

Kisses & Hugs



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