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I just recieved an amazing GIFT!!!

Last year I had an amazing sponsored deal, that started my passion for interior for REAL. WOODSUP ?

Those of you who don’t know them yet, check them out! Not only do they create amazing wooden decorations, but they also support a GREAT CAUSE!

To cut to the chase: I missed talking with them, so I wrote to them: “I MISS YOU!” – and they did too ❤️❤️

So today I picked up a package from them, expecting coffee beans ☕️

And I most certainly was surprised that they had sent me so many things. I often have been drooling over their keychain houses! And GUESS what!!!

They sent me one. Along with a beautiful catalogue, where some of the pics I took, as an ambassador for them, are included. They also sent me a lovely mug, amazing tea and a sweet note stating “To our ALL TIMES FAVOURITE ?”

I can only say the feeling is mutual!

So here is a little video of me unpacking the gorgeous gift, along with some photos ? I couldn’t help myself, just had to take pics right away ?

Kisses & Hugs



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